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Which is easier to use acrylic or oil based paints?

I am sure that you have use both acrylic as well as oil based paints before but you are still spoilt for choice as to which one to choose and work with in order to produce quality surfaces, images and artistic designs. Being aware of which of the two is the best and the easiest to use will help you work with a high level of efficiency. However, some may prefer something that you thing is hard to work with or to use as far as your painting needs are concerned.

Acrylic paints are good for beginners

The beginners are those shaky people who may not have enough painting experience. In that case, the acrylic paints are easier to use because they can be used to paint anything. They can be used to paint on cards, walls, papers, canvas papers and other surfaces. The ability to be able to be used on different types of surfaces is crucial especially for beginners simply because you don’t need to worry about the paint passing through the porous paper and making your painting terrible.

Acrylic paints dry quickly

Most artists will tell you that they value a paint which will dry quickly as soon as it has been applied on any medium. What happens if your paint does not dry quickly then you accidentally pass your hand over it and spread the paint over the wrong direction? It will be a mess, so, unlike the oil paints which may not dry quickly and you may wait for hours, this is a good paint to work with in the first place. However for this factor to hold, you must make sure that you use the right amount of paint. For instance, if you are painting on a mounted canvas, you simply need to apply a thin layer so that you can attain the maximum dry time.

Oil paints are difficult to prepare

If you have used oil paints, then you will tell me that everything needs to be done with care. Everything is complex because you will need to measure the right amounts of solvents and the right amount of paint. Again, you might not be in a position to finish some painting in time because you will be forced to come back after a day or so as to continue applying a different color on say the white background you started with.

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