Best golf bags for a golfer

A good golf travel bag can do wonders for a golfer and also the golf bags provide convenience for the game itself. The new golf bags offer you a significant amount of space along with lightweight which can help you in the golf course. A golf bag needs to have space for gloves, golf clubs, balls, umbrellas, coins, tape and for many other things. If you think that your bag has become quite old and is starting to wear down then probably it is time for you to buy a new one and for making things easier for you, we have provided some of the best golf bags from which you can choose the one according to your need and budget.

Major types

The two major types of bags are the carry and the car bags. The carry bag as the name suggests is for the players who walk on the course. It has two shoulder straps attached to it thus making it easier to carry. The second type of bag which is the car bag is the one which is used by most of the pros on the PGA tour. You can get any of these types of the bag according to your need.

Our recommendations

Following are our picks for the best golf bags:

1) Sun Mountain 2018 c-130 Golf Cart Bag

This bag is placed in the mid-priced category. It is available in many colors which is a significant advantage for this bag, and due to multiple colors, people can pick any one of them according to their choice. It is lightweight at only just 8.1 pounds. It has a lot of space in which you can organize your best equipment. Its pockets are water resistant and have many more advantages which makes it to be on the list of best golf bags.

2) Callaway Golf 2018 org 14 Cart Bag

It has a similar price to the c-130 bag. It has dual magnetic valuable pockets. It is, even more, lighter than the c-130 as it only weighs 5.8 pounds. It has a benefit that the dividers can go way down providing a better fit.

3) Ping 2018 Hoofer Carry Stand Golf Bag

It comes in 5 different colors. It offers a vast range of colors to choose from even with being one of the low priced bags on our recommendation list. It has a strap connector which makes it easier to carry around, and one disadvantage is that It has lesser space than other bags.

4) Ping Golf Man’s Pioneer Cart Bag

It is another low priced bag on the list. It gas magnetic pockets which make it easier to put your things in them. It has eleven total pockets with two of them being special apparel pockets. It weighs only seven pounds. With massive movement, the clubs remain intact to their position.

Some other recommendations are Taylor Made Flextech Crossover Stand Bag and the Sun Mountain Golf 2018 4.5 14-Way Stand Golf Bag.

Due to their efficient storage and great features, these bags make it to the list of best golf bags.

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